NEW GEAR: Woolf’s wearable WARNING system for bikers detects SPEED CAMERAS.

Woolf has just released a couple of new products which are capable of warning motorcyclists about speed cameras up ahead.

There’s a Woolf bracelet that vibrates to warn riders about potential hazards up ahead (fixed speed cameras, traffic light cameras etc.). It connects to an app to make use of a database of over 120,000 reporting points in 70 countries. It doesn’t need a constant internet connection, there are no subscription fees, and it’s supposedly capable of lasting over a month on a single charge.

In addition to the bracelet, Woolf has also proposed a new connected key ring which works in much the same way. Put the key ring in your pocket, and it’ll vibrate to warn you of approaching hazards. Clever right?


Pricing is around £135, so it’s not exactly a cheap bit of kit – but considering the amount of cash you could save on speeding tickets; it could be a pretty sound investment. For more information on Woolf’s wearable tech, click HERE.

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