Hello, KTM test rider!

We first brought you these images just over a week ago – and we thought it’d be worth giving you the chance to have another look, just in case you missed them.

OK, so this is the S variant of the 2020 bike (we’ve already shown you the R version which you can spot easily by what’s sited directly under the bike’s headlights in that handy little hidey-hole tucked away there) – and there’s a few things to note.

First up, this bike is done. Finished. This is exactly how the S version of the 1290 will look when it’s turned out at EICMA later this year.


Expect around 160bhp and a new riding position. And from the photos we can now confirm the following; that new subframe is staying, the swingarm is beefed up, the pillion seat is huge with lower footpegs for the passenger.

The wrap-around bodywork that links the lower panel to the bashplate is taken right out of the 790’s copybook. The front mudguard is beefed up, too.

The bike’s face now looks like it’s reacting to having it’s arse slapped and underneath the new headlights is that hole. This will be where the KTM radar will sit (and on the R it’s where a sweet little extra light goes – all racey, y’see).


The bike is getting a bigger petrol tank and a revised screen with bigger ‘shoulders’ to make rider comfort even more of a priority. The bike also gets a bigger TFT screen with heavily revised swithgear buttons on the left hand side of the handlebar.

And then there’s the mega-exhaust. We’ve been told that this is how the finished bike will look with the pipe that size. Its… well… it’s quite the statement-piece isn’t it? Do you reckon it’s OK or has KTM gone a bit far with this one?


Tony Carter

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