This is the Streetfighter. This is how it’s going to look when it goes on sale. It will have some bits for it that you’ll be able to buy – you can see those on the wall. Quite like the stock pipe, actually.

The newshounds at top Dutch site Nieuwsmotor have bagged this brace of photos from a H-D dealer conference showing the American brand’s two big hitters for next year, the Adventure bike Pan America and the big-muscles Streetfighter.

We’ve seen both of these bikes before of course, when the USA firm first unveiled these bikes as part of a several-model range for the future way back in July last year.

Back then the bikes were clearly prototypes that had been washed over with the photoshop flannel, these latest photos however… well, they’re the real deal.

This is the Pan America with more off-roady aftermarket bits on the wall. Looks solid, doesn’t it?

There’s no difference in tech info about the bikes (yet) but what we do know from these snaps is that the finished Pan (1,250cc V-twin) and Streetfighter (975cc liquid-cooled motor) are done for a 2020 on sale date.

Morebikes is one of a very few who has been invited to attend the launch of a ‘new’ Harley next month (and it’s so secret that Harley won’t tell us what the actual model is) and with these finished bikes appearing now it’s a fair bet that we’ll be riding one of these in the States. When we do, you’ll be the first to hear about it, right here.

Tony Carter

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