So this is always going to happen when you’ve got GoPro as a sponsor of a round. And thank goodness it does. What we have here, at the bottom of these words, is a bit of video that’s fascinating to watch. After the British round of the MotoGP championship, the top three were ferried through the Silverstone paddock complex in a car – during those few minutes the fastest racing brains on the planet had some quiet time to talk about what just happened out on track.

Listen in to their chat, see their body language and enjoy these caught moments of how the big names in MotoGP almost debrief to each other about what happened on track. It’s fascinating stuff.

Unseen footage from the #BritishGP

Go behind the scenes as the top three discuss the #BritishGP together in previously unseen footage from Silverstone! ?#MotoGP

Opublikowany przez MotoGP Czwartek, 29 sierpnia 2019
Tony Carter

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