Something hot is coming from Kawasaki for next year – and we now know that this motorcycle is going to have a supercharger bolted onto its side. We also know that this isn’t another variant of the H2 family line but a new addition to the supercharged stable, and that it’s going to be sat firmly in the ‘Z’ range of bikes.

There’s a nice shiny Z logo there.

The newest teaser video shows just three elements, but they’re enough to get the juices flowing; firstly there’s the close up of the supercharger spinning up, secondly there’s the nice Z logo and finally there’s the Kawasaki brand logo. All we need to know.

Fancy one of these with a supercharger fitted to it? Yes. Yes please. Mr Kawasaki, get on with this would you? Thanks ever so much. Ta.

So which bike do you want this to be? A supercharged Z1000 (probably the most likely option)? How about a supercharged Z900 with that ZXR750 H1-esque bodykit fitted (photo above and story is HERE). Yeah, we’d like that version of supercharged fun on the road, too.


Whatever it ends up being, it’ll be shown first at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 23 and then it’ll get its European debut at EICMA in Milan which starts on November 5.

That’s a supercharger, that is.

Tony Carter

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