It’s just a cgi image, but WHAT a cgi image eh? Honda, make this bike look like this and you’ll sell loads of them.

Made by the excellent soothsayers in the land of the rising sun, this image of the next-generation, hot-for-2020 Superblade from Honda is boiling hot.

Here’s one of the patent designs that the cgi is based on.

Equipped with MotoGP-esque wings and active aerodynamics, the bike is going to be the flagship model in the 2020 road-going line up and will have former Ducati WSB darling Alvaro Bautista spearheading its development on the WSB stage next season. You can read about the Bautista deal HERE.

Here’s the front view of the bike with the big old aero side wings in view.

There’s still no confirmation of the Superblade from Honda but you can see the patents that prove the funky aero designs HERE.


Think of this as a MotoGP machine (kind of) for the road in the same way that Yamaha’s R1M uses the same electronic package as on Valentino Rossi’s 2015 MotoGP machine and Ducati’s V4 R uses the same aero package as on the 2017 MotoGP bike. The Honda’s clearly been designed to take the part to the WSB pack – Bautista’s got a big job on his hands next season. But for now we can all enjoy the YoungMachine illustration and drool…

Tony Carter

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