Number 30 is where the funky stuff lives.

How about this then? It’s Honda’s plans to put a suspension system on a bike that actually knows and PREDICTS the type of surface need you’ll want in the next split second!

The designs uses both passive (reactive) and adaptive suspension equipment that respond to the range and frequency of the terrain under and in front of the bike and shift the damping accordingly.

Item 50 is the monitoring equipment (yes, it’s that small in comparison to the brake caliper).

Using an accellerometer mounted to the front wheel axle (this is small, barely bigger than an ABS sensor) measurements are taken on a vertical axis, thousands of times a second.


Using this information, Honda’s engineers have come up with a system that can predict the train based on a combination of the front wheel oscillations and their amplitude between two preset ranges.

Item 50 shows how the monitor would be sited on a motorcycle.

This graph (below) shows what the set-up is looking and, and looking for:

From the left, the first AB measurement gives the system it’s marker for a certain split-second in time, the second AB marker is then measured against it. From the difference between those sets of markers, the bike can know what type of surface you’re on and what’s coming up in the next split-second.

By measuring a deceleration between two points and the time it takes to move from the highest threshold (A) to the lowest (B), the bike knows whether it’s riding on a flatter, smoother surface (this is the shorter AB time) or whether it’s on a rougher terrain (the longer AB time. This information and values, in combination with active suspension on the bike means that the bike intelligently alters the motorcycle automatically, in real time for what it thinks is coming in the next split second.


The patents have been filed using a Honda CRF450L in the illustration, whilst this is a motorcycle where an intelligent, predictive suspension system would make sense – there’s no reason why such a system wouldn’t also find its way onto more road-based motorcycles too.

The Intelligent

Tony Carter

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