Fazer Metzeler Z8 1   Fazer Metzeler Z8 2There comes a time when you just know that you have to bite the bullet and buy a new set of tyres; the rear on my FZ6 S2 Fazer had more square edges than round and the front just looked out of shape. My wallet involuntarily squeezed itself shut and completely ignored the 8,000 miles of commuting, advanced rider training and fun that we’d clocked up. I live in England and ride all year round: my miles are mainly in damp conditions so grip is more than important, it’s critical.

So many manufacturers each with a bewildering array of models; the internet is great but sometimes I can’t help feeling swamped with information and struggle to process everything I find. I got down to a short list – Pirelli Angel GT, Michelin Pilot Road 3 and Metzeler Z8s. Steve at Steve Lynham’s motorcycle workshops recommended the Z8s: “They’re the best seller, wear well, grip like xxxx to a blanket and best of all there’s an offer on. £245 fitted and you can claim the cost of an MOT back (up to £29.26) on their web site with proof of purchase”.

Why was it such an easy sell? Firstly it was Steve himself, he’s the sort of guy you just trust. Secondly the offer, it’s hard to beat. And finally, I’ve had two sets on the Fazer before and cannot fault them. Other tyres have tempted me, and the reviews of the Pirelli GT are outstanding while the tread pattern on the Michelins is seductive, but at the end of the day I know and trust the Z8s. They are a fantastic all-weather all-riding tyre offering good grip, durability and excellent feedback. Competitive pricing and the offer makes it a no brainer, in fact, the first set I bought in 2011 cost around £230 fitted and I got £25 cash back so this latest deal isn’t a flash in the pan.


It’s hard to fault the tyres, however one thing to be wary of is how quickly they lose tread near the end of their life. At 7,000 miles they still looked like new, then before I knew it the back had squared off, cuts were appearing and stones were getting embedded.  The front is equally affected in that it goes out of shape. That said I have never had a problem with grip in spite of the wear and subtle signs of ageing. Me and my latest set of rubber have many fun miles awaiting us, I just hope to get a chance to try them in the dry!

Tony Lamsdale

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Tony Carter

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