ALL the PRICES for Honda’s NEW Africa Twins. From £13,049 up to £17,349. Expected to be in DEALERS for the end of November.

Honda’s just released all the UK prices for its three new CRF1100F Africa Twins.

Building on the massive success of the 2016 CRF1000L Africa Twin and 2018 CRF1000L Adventure Sports, Honda’s just confirmed its stepping things up for 2020 with three new model variants on the way. And we’ve just got our hands on the prices.

For 2020, there’s a standard Africa Twin, an Africa Twin Adventure Sports and a tricked out, electronically assisted Adventure Sports to choose from – all available with either DCT or Manual transmissions.


The standard Africa Twin will set you back £13,049 for the manual transmission machine, or £13,949 for the DCT bike. The base-model Adventure Sports will cost £14,649 for the manual, or £15,849 for the DCT. Finally, the electronically assisted Adventure Sports is priced at £16,049 for the manual, or £17,349 for the DCT. They’re not cheap, particularly when you consider the original 2016 machine was closer to the ten grand mark – but these latest generation AT’s do look like a serious step up.


Expected to arrive in dealers by the middle/end of November 2019, we’re going to be out on the world launch in a couple of weeks’ time – so if you’re interested in hearing exactly how well the newest adventure machines from the Japanese factory perform out on the roads and trails, be sure to keep a close eye on MoreBikes.


For more information and the full technical specifications on all three bikes, here’s our story from earlier in the week.

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