Good gawd! Marc Marquez’ Thailand crash in FP1 saw the rider impact onto the ground at MORE than 26G!



This is going to hurt… a lot.. Marquez in Thailand, FP1. Outchy time about to be realised at Turn 7.

It’s an incredible bit of data gathered by the tech team at Alpinestars and shows just how strong the firm’s airbag suit is in reducing injury (Marquez didn’t receive one fracture during the gut-wrenching highside and impact in the Free Practice 1 session fall on Friday). And it certainly looks like the kit he was wearing meant that Marc was in better shape for the assault and win on Sunday, handing him his eighth world title.

Yellow spike is where the airbag deploys, purple spike is where the impact happened, blue spikes are the sky/track/sky/track/sky/track bits.

In the data released by the Italian motorcycle kit brand, it shows how Marquez’ suit airbag deployed 0.585s before the impact at Turn 7 and how, at the point of impact, Marquez was put through 26.14G of force with with ground. The overall time it took for the crash to happen was 4.81s.

There were two seconds between Marquez losing control of his RC213V Honda and the crash, with the airbag being deployed just over half a second before Marquez made contact with the track. On the first impact with the ground, the left shoulder sensor registered the 26.14Gs impact. However, this didn’t quite match the reading that Loris Baz registered when he crashed at the Sepang Test in 2016 – the Frenchman’s left shoulder clocked 29.9Gs.

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Loris Baz still holds the measured-impact record with his 2016 fall in Sepang which topped off at 29.6G on impact.


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