Scottoiler001Name: Tony Lamsdale From: England Riding for: 30 years on and off


Price paid for it: £100 in 2010 (Fitted to Yamaha FZ6 Fazer)

What type of riding do you do:  Commuting and weekend fun

Why did you buy it? Chains need constant attention, especially in the winter, and anyone who rides all year round will benefit from having a Scottoiler system fitted to their machine.


Tell us about it: The system is simple: a reservoir holds a supply of oil which, when the bike is running, flows down on to the chain and sprocket at a regulated rate. The reservoir on my machine holds enough for about 300 miles, depending upon air temperature and the flow rate I’ve set.

I got mine fitted when I bought the bike, however Scottoiler provides great instructions, and has a very well populated You Tube channel. In the four years I’ve owned the bike, and the 25,000 miles I have covered, the chain and sprockets still look like new, have never rusted due to me forgetting/not having the time to clean after a winter run.

I have a twin feed system fitted, which means there is a small pipe either side of the rear sprocket. This costs a little more, however there are two sides to a chain so it makes sense to me to oil both. I also use more oil, but it’s a small price to pay.


Give us three good points: Always lubricated chain; Reduced wear on the chain and sprockets = more miles; Less time spent adjusting chain tension.

And three bad ones: Fiddly to fill reservoir; Can run dry so you must remember to fill it (I set my trip when I refill); Fiddly to get flow rate correct (too much = wasted oil all over back wheel/tyre, too little = dry chain).

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