Experienced bikers will already know just how many top-drawer (and expensive) winter kits are out there. Some of it is truly phenomenal gear. But, spending around a grand on jackets isn’t on the cards for the majority of bikers.

Yes, always buy the best you can afford – a mantra to live by with everything but especially something that will protect you in the winter climate.

The great thing with any product is the trickle-down effect. You’ll find a number of the budget items in this article features specs that, a decade ago, would have been used by the best of the best.


Because of this, the word ‘budget’ should be taken with a pinch of salt. Every jacket on this list will certainly do a good job for you at under £300, which means keeping some pennies in your pockets. After all, there’s also a set of trousers to pick up, gloves, boots, maybe a new lid…

Spada Autobahn

£139.99 | Available: www.spadaclothing.co.uk

Spada Autobahn jacket.

We remember when Spada first came on the market and their budget philosophy was obvious when you gave their kit a close inspection. That was then, now it’s an entirely different story.

Spada have a slew of textile/winter jackets that are superb, with only one of those creeping over £200. We’ve gone for the Autobahn here, a penny short of £140.

Spada Autobahn jacket.

It has a removable thermal liner and a fixed waterproof lining, which allies with a ‘Rainaway’ WP construction included in its ‘DensiWeave’ double-stitched makeup. There’s waterproof external pockets and internal options too, reflective elements and a five-piece ‘Tektoform’ armour included. The jacket comes in all sizes from small to 5XL. A fine start from Spada for our jacket special! Buy now here.


Spidi H2OUT Intercruiser

£279.99 | Available: www.spidiuk.com

Spidi H2OUT Intercruiser jacket.

Creeping in below our £300 budget threshold is this: Spidi‘s H2OUT Intercruiser.

It features a special quilted thermal inner lining, which can be removed and is just one layer of its overall three-layer construction. It has superb WP protection (another layer) and removable protection where you want it (including room for a bespoke back-protector accessory).

Spidi H2OUT Intercruiser jacket.

Waterproof pockets and multi-adjustability all come included in an item sporting excellent quality and some serious pedigree. Buy the jacket here.

RST Pro Series Paragon V

£199.99 | Available: www.rst-moto.com

RST Pro Series Paragon V jacket.

A great example of the aforementioned trickle-down effect is the fifth iteration of RST‘s Paragon jacket.

Its outer construction is coated in Teflon, which aids the WP effect when allied with the Sinaqua internal membrane.

RST Pro Series Paragon V jacket.

Max WP zips close it up, while it has CE-approved Level 1 armour in the shoulders and elbows, with a Level 2 back protector hiding behind a removable thermal lining. It sports eight pockets in all (four in, four out) and comes in sizes small to 5XL. Buy this jacket here.

Bering Carlos King Black

£229.99 | Available: www.bikerheadz.co.uk

Bering Carlos King Black

The Carlos King is, one might say, for the sturdier gentleman as it only comes in sizes large to 5XL.

It still fits the bill though, with CE-approved armour in the right places, a breathable and waterproof membrane and an obligatory removable thermal lining.

Bering Carlos King Black rear view.

It also boasts a FlexFit adjustment system, a dedicated wallet-pocket, four outer and two inner pockets plus a further pocket for a back protector. For the larger biker, this jacket may get your vote given it was designed specifically. Get your hands on this jacket here.

Richa Phantom 2

£149.99 | Available: www.nevis.uk.com

Richa Phantom 2 front view.

Richa began life as a proper budget brand. But, after building a great reputation in the budget arena, the company have branched upwards, with some of their winter jackets costing over £600.

However, Richa refuse to forget their roots, like here with the sub-£150 Phantom 2 jacket.

Richa Phantom 2 front view.

It comes in sizes XS to a belt-busting 12XL, features the latest D3O protection, WP pockets, the right kind of adjustability in just the right places and some fluoro panels. Be aware that after 3XL the price goes up to £164.99. Buy this jacket here.

Alpinestars Bogota Drystar V2

£279.99 | Available: www.oxfordproducts.com

Alpinestars Bogota Drystar V2 front view.

Even when buying on a budget, you can still dip into the more “Gucci” brands, like with the Alpinestars Bogota Drystar jacket.

It’s crammed with the right type of protection (including a chest upgrade option) within its tear-resistant ply-fabric construction.

Alpinestars Bogota Drystar V2 rear view.

Its long-sleeve thermal liner can be whipped out when the sun remembers to shine, and it is fitted with YKK zips and a ‘Jet Ventilation System’ with matching exhaust vents to help keep you cool.

The Drystar WP lining is superb because it is removable, unlike others, and there plenty of pockets inside and out. There’s a hell of a lot of jacket here for under £300, and it comes in sizes small to 4XL. Buy your jacket now.

Oxford Continental Advanced

£199.99 | Available: www.oxfordproducts.com

Oxford Continental Advanced jacket.

Oxford continue to make forays in the clothing market, and if their latest items are as good as their first attempt at leathers, they’ll have some legs alright.

The Continental Advanced claims to be a four-season jacket, via a three-layer approach.

The nylon outer layer boasts a great deal of ventilation, while the ‘Dry2DryT’ WP and ‘WarmDryT’ thermal layers can be used in conjunction, or swapped in and out.

Oxford Continental Advanced jacket.

It has a back-protector pocket if you think the incumbent CE-approved protectors are lonely and would like another mate to chat to. Proper YKK zips keep everything together, while the whole shebang is available in sizes small to 5XL.

Honestly, it’s a damn fine bit of kit you can use all year round and, frankly, we’re still surprised at how cheap it is… Buy Oxford’s jacket here.

Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry

£209.95 | Available: www.dainese.com

Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry front view.

Good old Dainese also offer items which are luxurious but happily don’t match the price points of their more usual luxurious items.

This sport-based jacket is another year-round number and looks pretty darn fly!

Made from the very latest ‘Quick Dry’ and ‘Boomerang’ materials, Dainese claim it’s ideal for ‘fluctuating’ weather, and has plenty of venting, while the thermal/WP lining is removable.

Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry rear view.

Pocket-wise, there’s two out and two in, plus spaces for back and chest protectors if you want an upgrade. It’s also adjustable everywhere you want it to be.

It also has reflective panels, so whichever car driver who’s busy whacking the kids over the head rather than looking where they’re going, may actually notice you at night. The jacket comes in sizes XS to 4XL. Buy this jacket now, here.

Ixon Spectrum HP

£259.99 | Available: www.ixon.com

Ixon Spectrum HP jacket.

This rather smartly presented number from Ixon, the Spectrum HP, is one of the more expensive jackets, but you get what you pay for.

This means a quality piece of clothing, featuring YKK zips, a neoprene neck roll, zipped front/sleeve air vents, a wind-cheating Noxishell coating and plenty of adjustment.

Ixon Spectrum HP jacket.

It has seven pockets in total, including a WP wallet-pocket, WP and thermal liners, reflective 3M transfers and can be found in sizes XS to 6XL, which covers a fair amount of ground.

Or should that be bellies? Get your hands on this jacket here.

Furygan WR-16

£189.99 | Available: www.nevis.uk.com

Furygan WR-16 jacket.

The WR-16 is basically a touring jacket but as it’s been designed for all seasons and slips in under £189.99, it more than deserves its place.

It features water-repellent zips, some of which reveal vents for Furygan’s dedicated ‘AFS’ cooling system. It has a WP insert and removable thermal lining, plus eight pockets (four inside) including separate specific WP phone/credit card keepers.

Furygan WR-16 jacket.

D3O (and probably bright orange) protection nestles snuggly on all your pointy bits, there’s room for optional Level1/2 back-protector upgrades, while the main outer garment body is fashioned from a high tenacity polyester. Waist, arms, wrists and hips are all adjustable and it’s available in sizes small to 4XL. Buy yours here.

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