This year Ride to Work Day will kick start Ride to Work Week, 16-22 June 2014. On Ride to Work Day thousands of riders around the world come together to show just how enjoyable their daily commute is.

Logo---Ride-to-Work-Day-2014The motorcycle industry uses the campaign to promote the benefits of motorcycling to non-riders, government and local transport bodies – demonstrating that life would be better if more people rode motorcycles and scooters every day, saving time, money and reducing congestion.


A European study showed that if 10% of car drivers switched to a motorcycle or scooter then congestion would be reduced for ALL road users by 40%, and if the number who switched increased to 25% congestion would be eliminated altogether. More details of the after implications of this can be read here:

To see a video summary go to

To see the full report go to


As part of Ride to Work Week, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) intends to carry out a ‘City Challenge’ in some of the most congested cities in the UK outside of London to show the time saved when travelled by PTW (powered two-wheeler). The challenge will involve a car driver, motorcycle rider, and public transport user setting off from the same starting point and travelling to a designated workplace in the city centre. The results will be announced on Ride to Work Day.


The Top 10 most congested cities identified are:


1. Bristol

2. Brighton and Hove

3. Birmingham

4. Leeds Bradford

5. Manchester

6. Leicester

7. Edinburgh

8. Sheffield

9. Liverpool

10. Newcastle / Sunderland

(source: TomTom)

Commuting by motorcycle is the only way to arrive at work with a smile on your face. The Office for National Statistics released a report (12th February 2014) examining the impact of commuting patterns on people’s levels of anxiety, happiness and satisfaction. Travelling to work on a motorcycle, scooter or moped is one of the least likely modes of transport to have a negative impact on your well-being; for journeys between 15 and 30 minutes, motorcyclists were happier than those travelling by bus, bicycle or car.

Throughout Ride to Work Week, dealers, cafes and workplaces around the country will be holding events and offering special bike-related promotions. Go to the Ride to Work Day website to find events happening in your area:

Keep in touch with the community on Facebook and Twitter:  #commutehappy

If you plan your own event, the RTWD team would love to hear from you. Upload photos to our Facebook page, talk to us on Twitter or contact Shirley or Laura at / 01293 823891.

Tony Carter

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