Silent motorbike launched for Noise Awareness Day



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To celebrate International Noise Awareness Day on the 30th April, MHB Motorcycles officially launched their exclusive new range of ‘quiet’ electric motorbikes.  The SEV e-Tricks range of electric bikes is currently only available in the UK from MHB Motorcycles in Brough, Cumbria.

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Noise Awareness Day, was originally launched by the The Center for Hearing and Communication in the USA to promote awareness of the dangers of long-term exposure to noise.  This could be through listening to music too loud, noisy neighbours, or the impact of exposure to transport noise.  Some may love the purr of their car, but there is substantial evidence in the UK that the noise of roaring vehicle engines, including motorbikes can have a considerable long term effect on our health and hearing.*

MHB Motorbikes, which was opened two years ago by former British Antarctic Survey engineer Martin Bell, has recently taken delivery of their newest electric vehicles, the E-tricks range by French manufacturer SEV.  MHB are the sole supplier of the range in the UK.  The bikes are extremely versatile and can be used for commuting, leisure and sport effective for mobility, mountain biking and motorcycling; appealing to all bike users.

What makes these bikes different is that SEV has designed the range with the environment at their forefront of design using environment propulsion, quiet and non-polluting features and is made using 90% recyclable materials.  The bikes can be easily charged, easily transportable and not only reduces emissions, but also noise pollution.

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The e-Tricks range is classed as electric motorcycle, but with a pushbike frame – most electric bikes use a motorcycle frame – this is claimed to make them more fun, easier to ride and less bulky for parking. From the mountain biker angle they can power themselves back up hills and can fit on car racks or inside caravans or mobile homes.  From the commuter angle they are cheaper to run than a petrol scooter, better for the environment and smaller.

The range includes:

  • eTRICKS off road bike which is designed for sports enthusiasts and is a great alternative to traditional mountain bikes.
  • eTRICKS Evolution o 01, which is a fantastic bike for those who make a daily commute to work, enabling the user to ride between 2 and 10 Km, in comfort, silence and with very low operating costs
  • eTRICKS Evolution S01 bike which is a quiet alternative to the scooter, giving more power and speed on the road.


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  • Due to the large range SEV have to offer prices vary from £800-£4000
  • Performance depends on terrain and weight of rider. Power assisted bikes can go from 40km to 160 km. Electric only bikes can go from 20km to 40km, depending on the rider and terrain.
  • They can be charged at any 240 volt outlet and take 4 hours to charge from complete discharged battery
  • The electric only bike is governed to 30 mph speed limit, but off road down a mountain is considerably faster.
  • After initial purchase running costs are virtually the same as a push bike.


What do you think about electric bikes? Are they the future of motorcycling? Comment below to tell us your thoughts…


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