Did you know that motorcycle winter trousers can be troublesome? Apparently it’s true, and in this country alone something around 6,000 folks are hurt or injured by the humble trouser every year!

Keep that in mind next time you’re trying to get yours up in a hurry. Luckily for us, we’re here to look at trousers designed to keep you safe, warm and dry too.

We all know how much we’d love to own a top-drawer set of Rukka or Dainese winter/all-year trousers. However, very few of us have a wallet capable of stretching to around a grand for some of them. If you can, lucky you. If you can’t, welcome to the club and read on!


Just like the previous jackets post, up-to-date clothing technology is now available on budget gear. A cheaper version perhaps, or a decent approximation of what was the pinnacle a few years ago, but still all effective at their job.

RST Pro Series Paragon V

£159.99 | Available: www.rst-moto.com

Front view of RST Pro Series Paragon V motorcycle winter trousers.

An absolutely banging pair of leg warmers here, with the latest Paragon V pants from RST. As with the jacket, it’s been a constant evolution model after model, and they just keep getting better and better.

It’s made from ‘Maxtex’, and sports A-rated armour in its armoury, including CE level-1 knee pad type things. Adjustability for your ever changing gut line is present, but there are removable braces for anybody who struggles to keep their pants up, too.

Rear view of RST Pro Series Paragon V motorcycle winter trousers.

The SinAqua waterproof lining is fixed, while the thermal waistcoat is removable. ‘Max’ zips keep things tight, there are two pockets. The whole shebang is triple stitched and, of course, it pairs up nicely with the Paragon V jacket. It comes in sizes small to 4XL. Buy your pair directly here.


Spada Turin Trouser

£114.99 | Available: www.spadaclothing.co.uk

Front view of the Spada Turin motorcycle winter trousers.

Spada enters the fray with the Turin Trouser, built from 600D Cordura and comes with ‘accordion’ stretch panels.

We’re sure there’s a joke in there somewhere, but we digress… Knees are taken care of by two-piece CE-approved armour, while lower legs use a combination of zips and Velcro to close around your boots.

Rear view of the Spada Turin motorcycle winter trousers.

A quilt liner means you keep warm, while a fixed breathable liner means you won’t sweat your unmentionables off (working in tandem with the VENTECH cooling system), plus said liner is also waterproof.

A seriously decent bit of kit, this, with a price easy to swallow, available in sizes small to 4XL. Take a closer look at the Turin Trouser here.

Richa Colorado

£139.99 | Available: www.nevis.uk.com

Front view of the Richa Colorado motorcycle winter trousers.

Another item constructed from high-density 600D Cordura, the Richa Colorado comes in sizes from the weeny small to a whopping 12XL!

It’s worth pointing out that from 4XL upwards the price increases to £159.99. The Colorado features ‘contra-glide’ technology, which is a posh way of saying your arse won’t slip around on the seat too much, while the D3O knee armour can be adjusted for position.

Rear view of the Richa Colorado motorcycle winter trousers.

Speaking of adjustment, Velcro is used for changes to waist circumference if you’ve had too much for lunch, the thermal liner comes out should you wish, leaving behind its WP/breathable brother as it’s fixed in place. It also has two pockets, plenty of reflective strips and soft-foam hip protectors. Take a closer look at the Richa Colorado here.

Furygan Duke TRS

£199.99 | Available: www.nevis.uk.com

Front view of the Furygan Duke TRS motorcycle winter trousers.

A mere penny short of our fiscal limit arrives this, the Furygan Duke TRS (for trousers – see what they did there?).

The Duke also uses D3O protection in the knee area, plus soft padding at the hips. Main construction is by way of a high-tenacity polyester, including something called a ‘Furygan Skin Protect Lining’ which apparently reinforces tearing and abrasion resistance, which is nice!

Rear view of the Furygan Duke TRS motorcycle winter trousers.
Side view of the Furygan Duke TRS motorcycle winter trousers.

All three of your round(ish) areas can be adjusted as loose or tightly as you like, while stretch panels on the knees mean you won’t get too much of that annoying trouser lift when your leg is bent.

A padded lining keeps you warm in winter and can be removed (and most likely lost, somewhere, as usual…) when summer demands a cooler ride, while another insert does the now de rigueur WP/breathable routine, and the rest of the lining is made from 80% hypoallergenic cotton.

Available in sizes extra small to 4XL, it’s at the top of our price point, but there’s a hell of a lot of trouser here for your money.

Bering Dusty

£164.99 | Available: www.bikerheadz.co.uk

Front view of the Bering Dusty motorcycle winter trousers.

These Bering offerings are made from 600D Fibretech, and has an adjustable leg length as well as the usual looser/tighter systems where you want them, including some natty ankle zips, too.

The trousers sport an ultra-light thermo-alu removable lining for warmth factor (along with a fixed, laminated liner), and the expected zip connectors to link with other Bering upper-half garments. A waterproof membrane is evident and it comes with braces which should aid you in your quest to achieve that typical Germanic biker look, if that’s your thing!

Rear view of the Bering Dusty motorcycle winter trousers.

There are CE-approved armour modules in both the knee and hip areas, as well as reflectors so you look bright and snazzy, and is available in sizes small to 4XL. The Dusty is well worth the look, check it out in more detail here.

Oxford Mondial

£199.99 | Available: www.oxfordproducts.com

Front view of the Oxford Mondial motorcycle winter trousers.

After Oxford swung into the clothing market with their own gear a few years ago, they continue to pull all the stops to provide close to proper Gucci winter riding kit, at prices everyone could stretch to.

And, lo and behold, here is their Mondial pant to go with some of their rather excellent jackets. It’s stuffed with features, like the Dry2Dry waterproof technology and breathable membrane, and the WarmDry thermal system, part of which is removable.

Rear view of the Oxford Mondial motorcycle winter trousers.

It has a nylon outer shell, and even the thread is apparently also nylon bonded, while there’s something called ‘hidden structure stitching’ included in the construction, too. It has proper YKK (water resistant) zips, both mesh and direct ventilation and of course CE-approved protection alongside a back-protector pocket linked in with the braces system.

The trousers are available in sizes small to 5XL and an utterly brilliant bit of kit – we were rather impressed with their last lot of gear, so this well thought out second generation gear should be stunning, especially at this price point. Take a closer look at the trousers here.

Weise Marin

£119.99 | Available: www.thekeycollection.co.uk

Front view of the Weise Marin motorcycle winter trousers.

Available in sizes small to 5XL, the Weise Marin is one of the cheaper trousers but comes fully equipped to do the job you want doing. Made from 600 Denier polyester on the outside, the rest of its spec means it’s also warm, waterproof, wind-proof and breathable.

These traits come from the light thermal (removable) lining, various other inner linings and of course the outer layer, too. It features connection zips for braces or a Weise jacket, while the rear of the pants are raised for extra weather protection. Good, because there’s little more annoying than feeling that first encroachment of an ice-cold trickle heading towards where the sun doesn’t shine, we think we’d all agree…

The pants also have venting covered by waterproof zippers, lower leg expanders, stretch panels in all the right places and two concealed outer pockets. A damn fine budget option right here, take a closer look at the Weise Marin trousers.

Ixon Sicilia

£149.99 | Available: www.motogear.co.uk

Front view of the Ixon Sicilia motorcycle winter trousers.

Damn, these Sicilia pants from Ixon look the nuts, don’t they?

A really smart design that comes in sizes small to 4XL, the outer layer is 90% polyester and has both two waterproof outer pockets and two hand pockets. There’s the right kind of protective armour in the knee and hip area, both legs have a double strap system for keeping things real tight. Also, there are plenty of reflective strips to keep the zipped venting on the thighs company.

Rear view of the Ixon Sicilia motorcycle winter trousers.

The thermal lining is removable, and there’s other inner linings to help take care of all that breathable and waterproof malarky, too. A very, very nice and well specced up option from Ixon indeed.

Spada Metro

£99 | Available: www.spadaclothing.co.uk

Front view of the Spada Metro motorcycle winter trousers.

We couldn’t resist sticking in a sub-tonne pair of trousers here, with Spada’s second offering in this list. It has the same Ventech cooling system as the more expensive pair, and is made from an outer shell of Cordura and ballistic material.

Better yet is that despite the cheap price, the thermal layer is still removable, leaving the breathable/waterproof membrane in place for summer months. CE-approved Tektoform armour lives in the knees, there’s hip padding (including external padding on both areas, too), plus leg and waist adjusters, reflective piping and waterproof pockets among many of its construction benefits.

They even do a short leg version for hobbits in each size, which stretches across small to 2XL. All in all, for under £100, not bad Spada, not bad at all…

RST Alpha IV

£59.99 | Available: www.rst-moto.com

Front view of RST Alpha motorcycle winter trouser.

Now then, a very interesting and bloody cheap option from RST here, at a price point you’d usually expect to see sat in the middle aisles of certain supermarkets a couple of times a year, you know who we mean…

Typically of RST though, they don’t skimp on the spec for them, and the Alpha IV seemingly has features and construction philosophies rather similar to their more expensive set above – impressive. This means a Maxtex outer, removable thermal liner, the same SinAqua WP system and CE Level 1 armour in the knees.

Rear view of RST Alpha motorcycle winter trouser.

They’re also triple-stitched with Coates bonded nylon, and have reflective logos so everyone will know whose trousers you’re wearing at night. They’re available in a range of sizes, from small to 6XL, and have knocked it out of the park in terms of the price to spec’ ratio – good work! Take a closer look here.

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