E-Racer Motorcycles has released TWO funky electric bikes, built from the bones of a Zero SR/F and Zero FXS. And YOU can get your hands on one.

E-Racer's CUSTOM Zero Motorcycles

We’re seriously impressed with the E-Racer Edge from E-Racer Motorcycles. Blending modern technology with classic design, the Italian manufacturer has used a Zero SR/F as a base to create a seriously special, stripped back bit of kit.

The E-Racer Edge gets a small LED headlamp, a new seat (made in-house), new brake components, new spring elements – and some superbike-spec bars from LSL. That’s not all – for safety, E-Racer has developed a sound system to make the Edge audible.


If you’re interested in kitting out your Zero SR/F, you’ll be looking at spending 6,000 euros (just over £5,000) for all the necessary bits and pieces – and when you consider that the bike costs £17,990 euros in its standard form, it’s an expensive proposition. But regardless, we reckon it looks fantastic.

E-Racer Edge built from a Zero SR/F

The second bike, the E-Racer Rugged, was first show at EICMA 2018 in prototype form. Built around a Zero FXS Special, the slimmed down scrambler gets LED lights, an under seat USB port, handguards, upgraded suspension, an additional subframe and some serious off road rubber. And it looks ready to tackle anything.

In fact, the standard Zero FXS ‘Special’ has been used by the military – and the Rugged looks to take that resilience one step further. Again, the parts and labour to turn an FXS into the Rugged will cost around 6,000 euros (about £5,000) – with the standard machine priced at just shy of £11,000.

E-Racer Rugged built from a Zero FXS

The first five models of the Edge and Rugged will be delivered in spring 2020 – so if you’re interested in getting your hands on one as soon as possible, you better move fast. For more information, click HERE.

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