Radar-activated ROAD SIGN for bikers. HAZARD warning system to help prevent motorcycle accidents.



Following the latest statistics from the UK Department of Transport (DfT) which reveal that motorcycle fatalities have slightly risen year-on-year, a British company has unveiled a new crash site sign – which warns bikers about a hazard up ahead.

With 354 motorcycle fatalities and more than 16,000 serious or slight motorcycle accidents recorded in the UK in 2018 – TWM Traffic Control Systems has launched a new crash site hazard warning sign, which it’s encouraging local authorities roll out at known motorcycle accident hotspots.

TWM’s new radar activated hazard warning sign works to alert bikers of a potential hazard on the road ahead. For motorcyclists approaching the hazard at a speed over a set threshold, the sign will flash the ‘THINK’ bike logo, in addition to a message telling them to ‘BACK OFF’.

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Kevin Marshall, TWM’s company director said: “The new statistics from the Department of Transport are an uneasy read, especially the fact that 228 accidents could have been avoided with clearer and more striking signage to alert motorcyclists. We have a passion for developing equipment that brings enhanced road safety to both drivers and pedestrians. The new hazard warning sign was designed with the safety of motorcyclists in mind, and we hope that local authorities across the UK review the signage at their known accident hotspots, especially as we head into the darker and wetter winter months.”

It’s an interesting idea from TWM – but at this stage there’s been no news about these signs being put into action.


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