"Oi! Ssshhhhh...." or else.
“Oi! Ssshhhhh….” or else.

How about this for a bit of jaw-dropping law stuff then? Paris has set up a special police force – made up of 40 staff – dedicated to clamping down on ‘noisy motorcycles’ in the French capital.

Specifically trained to detect high ‘noise-emissions’, the department constantly carries extra noise detection systems and has been active in Paris since the end of September.

So far the ‘noise cops’ have warned around 150 motorcyclists about their bikes and although details aren’t available for how many fines have been handed out, the department has the authority to dish out 90 Euro fines for loud bike on the spot.


It can also double that fine to 180 Euros if the motorcycle stopped has had any modification to the original exhaust system – and that includes any aftermarket exhaust part. The cops are also empowered to give the rider a ‘defect card’ which means that the motorcycle has to be put back to a certain noise level – presumably using original spec parts – and then presented back to the police and demonstrated in front of them within a certain time frame. In extreme cases, the owner of the motorcycle can be imprisoned and have the bike seized.

It’s the latest clampdown on ‘noisy bikes’ in France. Back in August we first brought you the news that French authorities were using acoustic cameras on a 17-corner road in Saint-Forget, in the Yvelines region near Paris. Those road-side listening devices are claimed to be so sophisticated that they can isolate particularly loud motorcycles even if they’re being ridden as part of a large group of bikes.



Tony Carter

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