VIDEO: Always cover your clutch. Little b***** causes crash – and it’s hilarious. Watch this!

Even if you’re sat still in the street, you’ve got to stay vigilant when you’re on two wheels. Here’s the reason why. It’s a video from the lads at Dutch site olipeil – and it’s made us laugh out loud, so we thought you’d enjoy it too.

It shows a bloke revving a little Honda in front of camera – but everything changes in a second with the arrival of a young lad in the background. He casually strolls around the back of the bike with his arms folded, and calm and collected he outstretches his leg and knocks the bike into gear, sending the bloke tumbling down the road.


As you can imagine, the bloke on the bike’s not happy – but it’s hard to take him seriously with everyone (including the cameraman) laughing in the background.

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