Wet weather racing lines. Here's how not to do it.

VIDEO: Do YOU want to improve your RACING lines in the wet? Here’s how not to do it.

We’ve just clocked this short clip of a group of bikers picking their through a set of wet twisties high up in the hills (somewhere in Asia). And it’s a perfect example of what to watch out for when you’re riding in the wet.

Catching sight of a sweeping left hander up ahead, the lead rider begins to channel his inner racer and throws his body off the bike (we’ve all done it) – but the wet tarmac and a slippery white line catches him out and he ends up sliding along the road.


He’s soon up on his feet and after his bike, so it looks like he came away pretty much unscathed (apart from his pride) – although we’re not quite so sure if the bike was so lucky after sliding into a wall.

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