Ahead of tonight’s broadcast of Laura Kuenssberg’s latest documentary; the political journalist has shared a story about Boris Johnson comparing motocross and politics. And we’re not entirely sure how to feel about.

Boris Johnson and motocross

‘The Brexit Storm Continues: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story’ follows BBC News’ Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg as she goes behind the scenes and beyond the headlines of the Brexit battle. Filmed over the summer, the hour long BBC Two documentary follows Kuenssberg as she meets with Boris Johnson, gaining unique access to his cabinet and the leading politicians who oppose him.

But while talking about the new film on Politics Live, Kuenssberg recounted a surprisingly story which was told to her by Michael Gove during which Johnson compares to politics to motocross. 


“Throughout it all, behind the scenes of Brexiteers and Pro-Remain Tories the one that really sticks in my mind where we were talking to Michael Gove during a particular fraught period. And remember, things were going badly for the Johnson government in the early days.

“There were lots of very, very sketchy days when it looks like they were kicking out of the party, they were losing cases in court and losing vote after vote.

“But one moment where Michael Gove relays a story where Boris Johnson tried to rally them on and he said, it is like motocross, you have to hang on and it will get bumpier and bumpier and all this stuff will fly in your face. But in the end, you hang on and you will get through.”


There’s no denying it’s a clever analogy which offers a (more than) illuminating look into Johnson’s attitude towards politics. But are we missing something? Is Bo Jo as secret motocross fan? Have you ever seen him trackside at your local clubman meet? We’d love to hear about it.

Tony Carter

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