KTM’s head of competition, Pit Beirer, has praised Dani Pedrosa’s work testing the RC16 ahead of this year’s MotoGP championship.

KTM race boss Pit Beirer praises Dani Pedrosa's work as a tester.

Pit Beirer, head of competition for KTM continues to fall apart in praise about the work of Dani Pedrosa as a tester in the official team.

Beirer’s not shy about dishing out compliments, and this isn’t the first time he’s praised Pedrosa’s work as a tester – but from reports swirling around the web it seems KTM’s head of competition is seriously impressed with the Spaniard. And he’s even said that Pedrosa’s light weight won’t be a problem when it comes to tuning the bike.

KTM race boss Pit Beirer praises Dani Pedrosa's work as a tester.

Additionally, Beirer has said he’s amazed a rider who’s been competing at the highest level of motorcycling for so many years is able to remain involved and on top form despite not racing every 15 days. It’d be reasonable to expect some loss of intensity – but that’s not happened.

Of course, the upcoming MotoGP season will be the real test of Pedrosa’s work – as the Austrian brand expects a serious step up in performance for its RC16 for 2020.

For more information on KTM’s race team, click HERE.

Ross Mowbray

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