Ever thought about putting in some high speed runs on Bonneville Salt Flats? Chances are you weren’t thinking about doing it on something like this; Polestar’s SLR concept.

We like to showcase the weird and wonderful of the motorcycling world – and while the Polestar SLR is weirder than most, we thought it was well worth a look. So what is it? Well, SLR stands for Salt Lake Runner – meaning the prototype has been designed to break speed records on salty lakes. Yes. You read the right.

Interestingly, electric vehicle specialist Polestar is owned by Volvo (and in turn, a Chinese company) – so there’s clearly some serious money in the background. Which presents the question, why on earth would they choose to design this?


The minimalist battery-powered machine can’t turn, comes with hidden, foldable footrests, minimal ground clearance, basic suspension and hides a battery under its seat.

At this stage, there’s no official technical data available, so we’ve got no idea just how well it performs – but we’d be well up for putting it through its paces if it ever goes into productions. Speaking of which, designer Arthur Martins has said that he’s working on a street-legal version so maybe we won’t have to wait too much longer.

Tony Carter

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