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Whilst we don’t like talking about accidents, we all know that they sometimes happen. A few weeks ago by boyfriend fell off his bike while we were out for a ride, luckily I was riding out with him and was first on the scene but it got me thinking – had he have been by himself, he probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the emergency services my number and he often doesn’t take his phone out with him…


In an age where mobile phones take away the need to remember people’s numbers, how many of you know your loved ones mobile number off by heart? I know I don’t! Even if you have got your phone on you, what happens if your phone gets smashed or you’ve got it password protected? It’s simple – go back to basics and get some dog tags.

I head out on my bike alone quite a lot so I’ve recently bought one which has got all my vital information on it – my name, date of birth, allergies and contact details for my mum and boyfriend – and I simply place it round my neck before a ride out.

Having done a biker first aid course, I know that one of the first places they check is round your neck so your tags are in exactly the right place to be found easily.  I’ll be making sure my boyfriend has a set before he ventures out again soon.


There are plenty of alternatives out there – information cards for the inside of your helmet or jacket, QR codes for you to stick to your helmet or placing an I.C.E number in your phone – but sometimes I like to go with the traditional alternative. Whatever you go for, it’s worth doing something so have a look around and see what suits you.

Thanks to Ian at Forever Treasures Giftware for my tags which retail for £12.50.

Do you have emergency contact details on you when you go for a ride out?

Tony Carter

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