It’s been an ongoing story about secret Honda boffin plans that we first brought you back at the start of 2017 – and whilst we’ve yet to see a Honda with the power-boost fitted for sale in dealerships, these latest patents show that something’s still on its way from the big H. Possibly.

The latest drawings to be unearthed still have the supercharger sited between the V-twins cylinders, which are at 90 degrees to each other – but there’s more detail about the motor, a lot more detail.

The reason for that supercharger position (instead of the supercharging unit being mounted to the side of the motor) is that there short paths to the inlets, making the system more efficient. The cylinder heads are each equipped with a chain-driven camshaft with the compressor itself driven by gearing that extends to the left of the front cylinder up to the crankshaft.


The charger is combined with direct injection with two injectors per cylinder. One of the injectors fires into the intake manifold, the second fires directly into the combustion chamber.

The increased detail in the patents suggest that Honda is still keen on producing this motorcycle, and we’re pretty sure (thanks to the detail of the trellis frame that is clearly visible in the drawings) that this is still the motorcycle designs that we first showed you back in 2017 (you can see the last time we brought you that story HERE).

What we now have is even more detailed drawings of parts of the motor, which points to more work being done on the idea by the brains at Honda. What does it all mean? When will we see this motorcycle for sale in the real world? It’s difficult to say, there’s been no rumours surrounding this particular bike at all for quite some time.


So, it’s either a red herring, or something that is on its way but at a sedate pace whilst Honda gets other supercharged ducks in line. Or maybe it’s just something that some people at Honda are playing around with an want to protect whilst they’re having a long, public think.

We reckon something like this would be good fun on the roads though. Honda’s own Monster but with supercharging could be a proper laugh.


Tony Carter

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