MotoGP: Video – is this Ducati’s Holeshot GP system being tested?



Here’s a nifty bit of video that’s emerged after the pre-season tests (this video was shot on the last day of the Sepang test at the tail end of last year) – and those in the know reckon it might give a very visual pointer to a so-called ‘Holeshot’ system on the GP20 Ducati racebike.

Basically, the system works like this; the bike pulls up on the grid ready to start the race, the back end of the bike is lowered (either automatically or by the rider) and is then locked into that position until the rider closes the throttle again, the rider gives the bike the berries and drops the clutch, the launch control gives the exact maximum amount of power to the rear, the front lofts (but only by a pre-determined amount), the rear end stays as compressed as pre-determined, the rider and bike hurtle towards the first turn faster than a rat out of a downpipe, when the rider slams the throttle shut, the lockout Holsehot rear suspension gizmos let go and the rear suspension behaves as it’s needed to for the rest of the race.

Phew. Anyway, watch the video and see what you think. Is this what’s happening here with Andrea Dovizioso having a quick practice start out of pitlane? Looks like it to us, but we’re only seeing this with the same bit of footage you are, so if you think different then that’s cool.

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That Ducati does look very settled on the take-off though, eh?


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