Yamaha reveals range of BOLT-ON (or bolt-in) ELECTRIC motors. 27bhp to 264bhp.

Yamaha’s developed a range of electric motors from 35kW to 200kW – and it could mean we’re getting closer to seeing an electric road bike from the Japanese factory.

The prototype 35kW to 200kW interior permanent magnet synchronous motors can be used for a wide range of applications. The video shows the drive module fitted into an Alfa Romeo 4C, but with the factory already producing electric bicycles, outboard motors for boats, electric scooters, and its TY-E competition trials bike – we can’t see any reason why the motor couldn’t be used to power a road-going motorcycle from Yamaha (or someone else).

We reckon it’s a brilliant idea from Yamaha. The modules include the electric motor (Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor – IPMSM), the control electronics, and the reduction gear units. Oh, and the drive units can be used with either water or oil cooling.


The 35kW motor can kick out 46bhp, while the 200kW motor is capable of returning 264bhp. That’s some serious power. And with the range of outputs available, Yamaha could power a bevvy of bikes from little lightweight commuters to top of the line sportbike screamers. Fingers crossed.

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