It’s appeared nice and early courtesy of the Ultimate Motorcycling website in the USA – and thanks to those lovely people we all get to see the new bike in it’s updated frowny glory.

We’re expecting the British version of the bike, which will be unveiled officially by the factory later today, to cost a shade under £9000. The R follows the release of the RS model which was let out of the corporate bag last October.

There's no difference in power output from the engine, but it does spin a bit faster than before.
There’s no difference in power output from the engine, but it does spin a bit faster than before.

Still with the 765cc engine the bike gets (in the States, where this information is from) a $750 price cut from last year’s version.


116hp @ 12,000rpm and torque peaking at 57lb-ft @ 9,400rpm are the same power figures as before, so no gain there but what Triumph does say is that there’s a snappier throttle response (this has been done by dropping seven percent of the rotational inertia from the inside of the motor – less inertia to get spinning = quicker runs up the revs).

According to Triumph the airbox, exhaust – with a smaller can and a ‘crisper sound’ have also come in for a rework, too. The bike also gets a Up & Down quickshifter, in terms of looks the twin LED headlights get a new shape and the mirrors not only look different but also get a wider range of adjustment too. Obviously there’s new paint and graphics for the 2020 model run, also.



Tony Carter

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