A group of ten Spanish bikers have been hit with 14,100 euros in fines and 132 points after one of the lads uploaded a video of their ride to the web.

It’s tricky not to get a little bit carried away when you’re riding as part of a big group – and if you’re on a wide open stretch of road with good visibility and fast corners, the pace is bound to hot up. But here’s what can happen if one of your mates decides to upload a video of your raucous ride to the internet. You’ll get a fine, and points. And maybe even a bit of time in prison too.

Ok, so there’s no denying the riding’s reckless. They’re overtaking on solid white lines, leaving no gaps, massively exceeding the speed limit and cornering on the wrong side of the road. But if one of the group hadn’t chosen to upload the video to the web – they might have got away with it. As it turns out; they didn’t.

Who needs enemies when you’ve got friends like these? Biker uploads video of raucous ride. Him and his mates get points on their licence and a hefty fine.

The Guardia Civil have been working since March 2019 to identify and prosecute the riders – after spotting the five minute video which shows two crimes and 39 road safety infractions on the popular NA-1110 road in Navarra, also known as ‘Mataburros’. Now they have – with the ten bikers (aged between 28 and 38) sharing 14,100 euros (close to £12,000) in fines and 132 points between them.

Somehow, we don’t think the lad behind the lens will be invited out on the next group ride. But regardless, it’s becoming more frequent for the authorities to use action camera footage to prosecute dangerous driving/riding – so next time you head out for a Sunday blast; it’s worth thinking about who might be watching.

Tony Carter

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