It’s reported that production of motorcycles has now stopped at Norton Motorcycles in Castle Donington, but there have so far been no redundancies announced.

Reporting in Leicestershire Live, Business Editor Tom Pegden, has filed that concrete blocks have been placed at the entrances to Norton Motorcycles at Castle Donington. The action has come as administrators BDO look for a buyer for the motorcycle company.

Pegden continues that it is understood that shop floor workers at Norton had continued completing bikes even after the administrators were called in at the end of January at the request of Metro Bank.


Figures of between 25 and 100 members of staff who now face being out of work were bandied about in the immediate aftermath of the administration notification, this is now believed to actually be around 70 people. Staff currently are still being paid.

Stuart Garner, Norton owner, is said to have been working with BDO: “Until at least a few days ago.”

Leicestershire Live also says that: “Four or five Aston Martins and a couple of Range Rovers,” used by Garner have been taken away as part of the assets of the business.


One of Garner’s other businesses, Priest House Hotel – which is also in administration – is continuing, being run by a chain called Legacy Hotels, whist a buyer for that side of Garner’s business interest is sought.

Castle Donington parish and district Councillor Tony Saffell said the business, and Mr Garner – who was living in Donington Hall – were a big part of the local community.

He said: “As far as I know everything stopped in terms of production on February 11.


“Up until then I think they were still building bikes and the administrators were trying to complete some of the outstanding orders with the stock they still had.

“I know someone who has been interested in buying the Priest House, who has been to talk to the administrators at Donington Hall, and Stuart was still there and using his laptop to help. That was early last week.

“Stuart Garner used to own four or five Aston Martins and a couple of Range Rovers, maybe three, and I know all of them except one Range Rover were taken away when the administrators came.”

Tony Carter

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