It’s a brief bit of filming from the side of the road, but it does confirm that the Matrix 4 is featuring Ducatis. In the footage Reeves is harnessed to an overhead rig whilst Moss fakes riding the bike, the whole set-up is locked into a Process Trailer which lets the film crew do it’s work safely while moving along a road.

In the rear shot you can just see that this Scrambler, although it looks like an 1100 has an underslung 800-style exhaust and a car mudguard over the back wheel, this is probably to make sure that no part of Keanu gets caught in the back wheel whilst he does whatever it is he’s going to do in the scene.

The Italian brand has already been in previous Matrix films with Carrie-Anne Moss’ character Trinity rushing through a motorway chase on the back of a 999. In the original film, Trinity was also seen riding a Triumph Speed Triple.


And now we know that a Ducati Scrambler is going to be in at least one major scene in the upcoming film which is due out in cinemas next May. Which is good news if you like the Matrix films, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss or Ducatis.

Tony Carter

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