Roberto_Colaninno caught up with Roberto Colaninno, Piaggio Group Chairman at the recent MP3 launch:


“The MP3 three-wheel scooter is the perfect emblem of what Piaggio does, and what we intend to do more and more in the future. We want to do things that are completely new. The three-wheel scooter didn’t exist until we created it with the MP3. The same thing happened with the Vespa almost seventy years ago, when we changed the world of mobility.”

“Mobility will change completely over the next ten years. Customer requirements will be quite different. New needs will emerge, linked increasingly to the growth of major metropolitan areas — not just cities like Paris, London or New York, but also Cairo, São Paulo, Delhi, Hanoi, Shanghai.

“To understand and keep ahead of new mobility needs, we have to think of something that doesn’t exist. I don’t mean developments in current forms of mobility, but imagining completely new solutions that make a complete break with today.


“This is the direction we are heading in, and this is why we are building ties with outstanding research centres like Harvard and the MIT [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] in Boston, with whom we share a common interest in these important issues. Like us, these centres are imagining the forms of mobility that will spread round the world over the next ten years, especially in major cities, with a focus on key issues like pollution rates and future developments in mobility demand.”

Read the full review of the 2014 MP3 at


Tony Carter

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