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£1899 | 6.8bhp |air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder |102.1cc

Tested by: Carli Ann Smith Images: Joe Dick


Peugeot’s Kisbee 50 was one of the bestselling scooters in Europe last year with over 10,000 units finding homes. A larger 100cc model is also available for those with an A1 licence who want a bit more oomph. Both models are available as Sportline editions, which benefit from a distinctive red and white colour scheme and sporty race graphics, as well a whole host of other features to make a good scooter even better.


Tell me about the engine

Filtering through traffic in town the 4-stroke 100cc engine provided enough power to nip in and out of any gaps. In the countryside the scoot sat at 56mph happily, but I feel it could have benefited from an extra 25cc to get to 60mph and hold its own properly with the rest of the traffic. Before riding the scooter, I was unsure about the benefit of the 100cc over a 125 and questioned why anyone would choose to buy one…after looking at the petrol gauge after my commute, I soon realised – it’s the economy. The lightweight single cylinder engine gave me a whopping 97mpg on my 70 mile commute – and I wasn’t consciously riding ‘economically’ – I’d used just half the fuel from the 6.5 litre tank. Now that extra 4mph didn’t seem so important.



Peugeot Kisby_Option-if-space

What’s the chassis like?

Don’t expect race spec shocks, but the Kisbee is equipped with suspension which is more than adequate for its purpose. The 100 was happy mooching around town, but on very bumpy roads it transferred a few of the jolts through the seat and handlebars. The disc brake on the front provides good stopping power, and the drum on the rear was great to feather as I worked my way through the traffic at lights. This scooter is very light, extremely nimble and very thin – just what a commuter scooter should be – so you’re able to use that to your advantage and make car drivers stuck in traffic envious as you saunter past them.



Peugeot Kisby 020_Optional-extra-pic

Should I buy one?

If you want a machine that’s economical with a sharp design, then the Kisbee Sportline could well be for you. Sitting down and working out the costs of riding a scooter to and from work, the Kisbee may convert even devout car drivers: £1899 to buy; £17 a year to tax and around 200 miles from a tank that costs just £12 to fill up… Don’t forget the convenient storage space too – there’s room for a full-face helmet in the lockable under-seat storage – something that even some 125’s don’t have – and there’s a carry clip for anything extra. We’ve already touched on the paint scheme inspired by the French manufacturer’s World Rally Championship cars, but what about the rest of the scooter… it features black forks, wheels, fork legs and engine cover which are set off by the red caliper and alloy bar ends – all of which come as standard on the Sportline edition. Design touches such as the foldaway passenger footpegs and the shape of the grab handle make it a well-thought out machine.


So what’s it like to ride?

Wind back the throttle and you may be surprised at the pull up to 30mph, as it’ll get you there quicker than you might think. The riding position is comfortable and the footboards are big enough to allow you to move your feet around if you want a change of position. It features audible indicators, and the dash gives clear information so you can see everything you need at a glance.

One thing to bear in mind is that the fuel filler is under the seat, so you need to be careful that you don’t splash all your possessions when filling up, though as there’s even a centre-stand fitted, you shouldn’t have any problems. Overall, it’s a confidence-inspiring ride and will serve you well for commuting, visiting friends, or picking up some essentials from the shop.



Price: £1899

Engine: Air-cooled, 102.1cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder

Power: 6.8bhp (5.1kW)

Weight (dry): 92kg

Seat height: 735mm

Tank size: 6.5 litres


Save £100 with the Peugeot Kisbee 100

If you’re looking for a scooter but you’re not too fussed about the additional extras, then why not check out the standard Kisbee? The 100cc version is powered by the same engine and still comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty at £1799.

Peugeot Kisby_020_Standard-bike



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