$_58The DO1 Buhel helmet communication concept offering Bluetooth® hands-free helmet communications and ‘Bone Conduction’ has been upgraded. Using a revolutionary vibration driver which induces the helmet shell itself to create a 3D-like audio inside the helmet, the D01.1 has improved functionality allowing Rider and Pillion to connect with a reach of around 10 metres.

The new D02.1 unit has also been ‘future-proofed’ to give it greater flexibility. As well as providing Rider to Rider communication [with a reach of 700 metres] and allowing the user to ‘pair’ up with six other units [7 in total], it will soon have the potential to ‘conference call’ up to two units [3 in total] at any one time.

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Units are now also available in Twin packs as well as the original single units, giving you and your customers the ability to benefit from significant savings.

All models are claimed to be very easy to fit and have no wires and no earphones, fitting directly to the outside of the helmet without any further assembly operation. Further benefits include:

  • Connection with up to two Bluetooth® enabled devices [mobile, mp3, GPS etc.] at any one time
  • Two base-plates per unit, allowing the user to easily manage several helmets with only one device
  • Two heavy-duty, noise cancelling microphones per unit, Boom for Open-Face and wire for Full/Flip helmets
  • Easy and safe removal, so no risks when you leave your helmet locked to the motorcycle.

All units have been designed for full-head helmets.