Name: Roger Beedham From: Nottinghamshire Riding for: 50 Years

Price paid for the bike: £6000 in 2002 from Germany


What type of riding do you do:  Fast touring

Tell us about the engine: It’s very, very quick and reliable, yet still manages to be really smooth.

What’s the chassis like? The Honda Blackbird chassis gives very good del, though it’s heavy compared to today’s machines.


What’s it like to ride? It’s really comfy, allowing me to cover 500 miles in a day with no problems. The only parts I’ve replaced have been the usual wear and tear items, like pads, chains, tyres etc. I keep on top of the electrical connections to prevent them corroding, and keep an eye on the regulator/rectifier to avoid damage to the battery etc.

If it was still being made, I’d buy another tomorrow!

Give us three good points: Speed; comfort; good build quality


And three bad ones: Poor electrics; suspension a bit soggy; expensive spare parts.

More info: Website


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Tony Carter

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