Honda Fireblade Urban Tiger Paintjob 005

Name: Andy Burness From: Scotland Riding for: 25 years

Price paid for the bike: £5750 in April 2009 from Regal Car Sales in Cumbria


What type of riding do you do: Social

Tell us about the engine: Lots of Torque in every gear

What’s the chassis like? Very sturdy


Honda Fireblade Urban Tiger Paintjob 004What’s it like to ride? The best bike by far – every where I go on it people just stare, and look more so with the scorpion exhaust on as well:
Nice and loud. It’s got a great riding position and wheelies really easily. I’m very proud of the paint job –  it was originally in Silver, but I got it painted three years ago in the Urban Tiger colours, plus all the other orange parts. I have owned two in the past with that paint scheme, so I took it upon myself to get this done to my bike.

Not been cheap, but it’s worth it. The bike’s only done 7,500 miles, so quite low mileage I think!



Give us three good points: Great balance for the road thanks to the HESD electronic steering damper; It’s an excellent fit and finish, with no reliability issues; A monster engine with surreal power from anywhere in any gear, great riding position.
4.100mph wheelies have never been so easy on this model.

And three bad ones: Can’t really think of any.

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Honda Fireblade Urban Tiger Paintjob 002

Tony Carter

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