A New Design Start-Up Reveals the Next Generation Of Road Safety Products

Safety comes first for a new design start-up which will launch the next generation of wearable road safety products with a crowdfunding campaign later this week.


The Glowbelt, by Yorkshire-based BMC Innovations, is a highly visible LED solution approved by Euro Road Safety and developed in conjunction with the road safety charity, Brake. A simple piece of wearable technology that can be wrapped around a body, a backpack or a bike, Glowbelt provides a solid or flashing light to make pedestrians and other vulnerable road users highly visible to others. The one size fits all device can be worn by kids and adults alike and is set to be an essential addition for cyclists, runners, motorcyclists, walker, hikers, campers and roadside emergencies.

Made from a new, retractable LED fibre that makes the wearer visible from more than 200m away, the Glowbelt crowdfunding campaign is expected to win pledges on both sides of the Atlantic. It is the culmination of an extensive 14 month research and development period.

BMC Creative director, Sean Sykes said,“We wanted this product to be as versatile and varied as the world we live in, so it was important to us that Glowbelt was more than just a safety device, we wanted something that people would want to wear. We now have a simple innovation that can save lives, make the roads a safer place for everyone, and be a product that people will enjoy using.”



In order to take the Glowbelt into full development and production, we are launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, where a pledge of as little as £10.00 will see the backer receive their very own Glowbelt as soon as they’re released. The first 500 will be adorned with names, companies and organisations, so those who like their gadgets to have a personal touch should act fast!”

A spokesperson for Brake, the country’s premier road safety charity, also spoke out in support of the Glowbelt: “Brake is delighted that BMC Innovations have committed to supporting the charity, and to raising awareness about road safety. It’s fantastic to see their dedication to supporting road crash victims, and passion for improving road safety. Their efforts are a great example of how companies can get involved to improve road safety and Brake looks forward to a long-lasting partnership with BMC Innovations.”


BMC Innovation focused their efforts on wearable technology after research indicated that current high-visibility products are bulky and inconvenient to carry around every day. Using this as the starting point, the  design team set out to re-imagine road safety products, developing a solution that would be portable and hardwearing, without sacrificing on the high level of visibility required to keep safe on the road.


The Glowbelt is also a cost-effective, accessible way to boost road safety. Safety should not be a commodity; it should be achievable for all road users no matter what their budget, which is why the Glowbelt will retail at just £10.00 / $20.00 when it hits stores later this year. The device comes in a range of colours including blue, green and pink, so it’s even possible to coordinate with existing reflectors, bike lights or high-vis clothing to ensure the wearer is as noticeable as possible.

Weighing just 54 grams – less than a pair of AA batteries – the energy-efficient LED belt offers a high lumens output, and will carry on working for around 60 hours; more than enough to see anyone through their winter commute.

For more information on the Glowbelt, visit their Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1114828980/glowbelt-a-compact-and-super-bright-led-safety-bel


Tony Carter

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