1999 Honda CB650F Hornet 2

Name: Carl Stafford From: Warwickshire Riding for: 3 years

Price paid for the bike: £1200 in 2011 from a work friend


What type of riding do you do: 90% of my riding is the 40 mile round trip to work on a mixture of A roads and town work. When days off without the family so rarely arrive I tend to pop up to placed like Stratford upon Avon, Ashbourne, for a morning ride out to a cafe with some friends or the bike meet on a Wednesday at Hoar Park near Coleshill.

Tell us about the engine: It’s very reliable and easy to service. If you like to rev the bike then it’s great and if you keep the revs high around 8-10k  then it pulls exceptionally well but this ruins your fuel economy.

1999 Honda CB650F Hornet 1


What’s the chassis like? With a 16″ front wheel it does not turn in as well as others but it’s just showing its age a little. As for general handling it’s more than capable to hold its own. It’s not the lightest of bikes but everything is low to the ground, so when on the move it feels as light as any other from this era

What’s it like to ride? To own it’s great. Starts every time and is truly a reliable bike with no “common” faults or hidden expensive ticking time bombs to wait for. 
To ride it’s a joy but it does show it’s age when it comes to finess. It’s a little uncomfortable on long journeys and the fuel tank can see 130-140 miles with average riding style.

Give us three good points: Build quality. My 15 year old bike shows less rust than some of my friends more newer machines; Service costs low and parts readily available; Realiable


And three bad ones: 16″ front wheel limiting your choice of tyres and effecting handling slightly; Vibrations coming through the pegs and the handlebars; Headlight woefully dim needing upgraded to ride through the winter/night.

More info: www.honda.co.uk


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1999 Honda CB650F Hornet 3

Tony Carter

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