4641 miles, up for £4495


First impressions:

I’ve always had a soft spot for those original GSX-Rs, so it’s no wonder this gem caught my eye with its slabby-inspired paintjob. Five-year-old Gixxers don’t usually look this good. This one is totally stock, right down to the special standard can and wavy look discs this 20th GSX-R anniversary model came with. With less than 1000 miles a year under its belt, this 600 has probably been a pampered toy. Bar some corrosion on the standard shock, you’d be hard pushed to find a better example.

What’s it like to ride?


This bike doesn’t just look like new, it rides like it too. In fact, it’s barely run in when you think about it. Riding position feels quite comfy – well, for a sport 600 it does – and I can even see what’s happening behind me, thanks to the good mirrors. The engine whistles away; there’s no nasty surprises lurking here, everything is exactly as it should be. The only gripe I’d have would be that the tyres look and feel a little past their best.

Scottie’s tips:

Check it’s not an ex-racer or trackday hack. Take a look at the wheel rims. Have they seen lots of tyre-changing action? Deduct ££s for any nonstandard tat. Useful extras like alarms are welcome as they will help get that insurance premium down.



If Suzuki blood flows through your veins then this very tidy limited edition GSX-R is a great purchase.

Tony Carter

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