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You’ve seen Ewan and Charley do it. You’ve got the bike. But how do you dip your toes in adventure riding without jumping in too deep?

In this month’s issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine, Chris Moss takes a look at how to get started in adventure bike riding. Basically, you have two options. Option 1: Go at it by yourself, ask your mates and learn from your mistakes. Option 2: Get in touch with a company like Adventure Bike Rides, who will be able to talk you through all the theory and back it up by taking you for a ride to put that theory into practice.


Adventure Bike Rides training

How you want to do it is your choice, but having read Mossy’s article, we would recommend going with the experts. It makes practical sense, and it sounds like brilliant fun, too!

You can read the full article in Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine (only £4.40 including postage), and you can call Adventure Bike Rides on 01652 462 067 or visit


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