Honda VFR800X Crossrunner: Long-term review – part two



The VFR800X is so popular with Motorcycle Sport & Leisure staff that Roger is planning on hiding the keys.

The bike is now nearly complete and to my liking, the final two items being the SW Motech small tank bag and the £855 Akrapovic slip on silencer (‘how much?’). Just ask yourself though does it look good? YES! Does it sound good? YES! Especially on the over run.

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You know the old adage ‘ya pays ya money ya takes your choice’.

For ease of fitting this must be one of the best out there, just 2 bolts – a smear of copper grease (provided) and on she goes, torque up the 2 bolts and we are away.

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I am delighted to report that starting up in my driveway and on tick over there is very little difference between it and the standard silencer – out on the road though the Akrapovic takes on a different persona – anything over 6k revs it sounds delightful, a big grin appears when I see a rail bridge or motorway underpass – Boys and their toys and all that!

Honda VFR800 Quickshifter

Last time out, I indicated an in-depth look at the quick shifter, well here goes with my take on it – when first used I was finding false neutrals between 5th and 6th gear changing (a reminder here that this quick shifter only works going up through the gears). It soon became obvious that I tend to ride with my gear change foot very close to the gear lever, so close in fact that only a kiss on the lever is required to change up on VFR. Keeping the old plates of meat away and being positive on each gearchange has now negated the false neutrals.

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Smoothest changes are made at anything up to 4K revs on a very steady throttle or pinned hard with over 7K on the clock, anything in between can cause slight jerkiness on each gear change.

As the miles progress my love of the system increases – I just wish it came complete with downchange quick shifter with autoblipper.

Of the three Pyramid Plastics items fitted i.e the front Fenda Extenda, rear Ductail and Rear Hugger, only the latter required the use of Mr Dremel to shave some off the front to avoid contact with the standard silencer – a further trim was necessary before fitting the Akrapovic

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Suspended smiles

For me the whole plot is set up slightly on the soft side (adventure style) when fully kitted and loaded. Sunday morning blasts with just the tank bag on require a quick tweak on the rear suspension hand adjuster but guess what – both riding styles bring a huge smile to my face with this bike.

VFR800 Standard Silencer

Honda VFR800X Crossrunner: This month

  • Rider: Roger Jones
  • Cost New: £9,999
  • Specification: 105bhp/55Ib-ft
  • Engine: 782cc liquid-cooled V4
  • Kerb Weight: 245kg
  • Tank: 20.8 litres
  • Seat: 815mm/835mm
  • Miles this month: 505
  • Miles on Clock: 1276
  • Average mpg: 52.2
  • Current Tyres: Bridgestone Battlax Adventure
  • Modifications: Adventure pack (31-litre top box, panniers, front LED fog lights, cowl guard and main stand) £2025, quickshifter £276, tank pad £20, knuckle guard kit £110, rear hugger £98.94, front Fenda Extenda £19.50, rear Ductail £19.99, SW-Motech ION tank bag with tank ring £109.90 Akrapovic slip on silencer £855.00
  • Total cost of mods: £3,534.33

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