You may already be aware of the ludicrous situation that Brexit has left us in when it comes to transporting bikes to the EU for holidays. Fly & Ride to the EU is no longer the easy option it was. If you are riding (or transporting) your own bike you are absolutely fine, but if you get your bike transported to the EU by a company that provides fly and ride services and you are not with the truck that takes it there, you have to pay tax at the border to ‘import’ the bike. Not good.

Fly and Ride petition

Now there’s a petition online that must reach 10,000 signatures for the Government to respond, or 100,000 for the issue to be considered for debate in parliament. So, here’s your chance to
add your voice to the debate. All it takes is a minute on your phone or PC and we are one step closer to
getting this sorted. The petition is called ‘Seek to end taxation on transporting privately owned motorcycles to/from the EU’ and you can find it here:

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Thank you and fingers crossed!

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Mark Lancaster

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