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The official statement is that CFMOTO is embarking on the development of electric motocross, however, it can also be put forward as KTM’s venture into creating electric dirt bikes. This was hinted at in a teaser video starring Ronnie Renner.

Are they being developed once more, either temporarily or permanently? However you view it, this news is worth examining through a broad lens.

In 2017, CFMOTO, the Chinese company known for producing a range of motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles, formed a joint venture with KTM. This resulted in the two companies sharing bike platforms, engines, and global production and distribution. Interestingly enough, CFMOTO also has a partnership with Yamaha Motor, which appears to be more focused on expanding Yamaha’s presence in China rather than the other way around.

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Observe the current KTM subsidiary, and you’ll find KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS, MV Agusta, and CFMOTO.

Whether you refer to it as a joint venture, partnership or by any other name, the significance remains the same: Ronnie Renner is making waves on an MX track with an electric prototype created under the umbrella of a major motorcycle manufacturer. This is definitely something worth noting.

The reason? Because if CFMOTO is entering the racing scene with e-dirtbikes, KTM Group will also follow suit.

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Grip it and rip it - Robbie Renner on the e-dirtbike from CFMOTO
Grip it and rip it – Ronnie Renner on the e-dirtbike from CFMOTO

This is the statement from CFMoto’s official source.

According to CFMOTO, the recently released EVMX video has revealed their plans to create a prototype of an electric motocross bike. The company aims to offer riders a powerful riding experience while embracing the evolving electrified motocross technology.

CFMOTO recognizes that the motocross community has a strong desire for an electric bike that can match the strength, nimbleness and excitement of traditional petrol-powered bikes, due to the increasing trend of electric mobility. This is why we have taken our initial step towards entering this expanding sector with the introduction of our EVMX concept.

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CFMOTO has collaborated with elite motocross athletes to conduct thorough assessments and guarantee the EVMX concept surpasses rider expectations. Throughout its creation, this testing plays a vital role in perfecting the bike’s performance and capabilities.

Keep an eye out for future announcements regarding CFMOTO’s advancements in creating their electric motocross bike idea.


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