Specialist Spotlight: Clean My Ride

Combined bikewash degreaser for motorcycles, cycles, karts, cars, motor homes, caravans, boats

Like so many products, Clean MyRide saw it’s genesis from not being able to find something that perfectly filled a need.

Paul Taylor and business partner Steve Howard are both keen motorcyclists and cyclists. Over time, they had collected a garage full of half used bottles.  They found products were very good at fulfilling particular stages of the vehicle cleaning process, but often only usable on particular surfaces and not always environmentally friendly.


The idea evolved from here, could they create a combined Bike Wash and Degreaser that was safe on all surfaces, worked phenomenally well, was environmentally friendly and biodegradable?  Of course, it helps having access to the family chemical business specialising in industrial sorbent and absorbent cleaning products!

The initial formula was slowly developed and the last 12 months prior to launch saw Paul and Steve bench test a range of different formulas solving their personal issues with other products.  Clean MyRide was finally ready and soft launched at the end of July 2017 at an Advanced Motorcyclists Group. From launch they have been promoting the product at shows, using word of mouth, social media and customer feedback grow their brand and products.

So what goes into Clean MyRide?  Paul laughed and said “It’s British, from formula to finished product. That’s about all we can tell you though, any more and we would have to gag you with legal paperwork, lawyers and Non Disclosure Agreements! All we can say though is the magic is in the chemistry and we are indebted to our customers’ for their loyalty, feedback and continuing support.”


So what makes Clean MyRide stand out?  Paul “Many customers say how they are impressed with its non-streak formula.  You can safely use Clean MyRide all over the bike including paintwork, chromes, plastics, alloys, rubber and aluminium components. People also like the ‘nuclear green’ dye we added, so you can see where you have sprayed the bike or vehicle. This reduces the volume required to coat surfaces making Clean MyRide go further rather than going over the same area two or three times.”

So what next?  “We are looking to expand our retailer network as well as our growing number of independent valeters and detailers. Having Harley Davidson, Triumph and Ducati franchises now using Clean MyRide is a huge boost to our reputation and hopefully something we can expand on moving forward. The environmental angle is also important to us, which is why we now sell our very popular 5 litre refills.  We are also working on a refill option at shows so customers can bring their empty bottles and refill on the spot reducing plastic usage.”

“We have just launched our Clear MyVision Rain Repellent and Anti-Fog products and feedback so far has been excellent. These are designed as coatings not cleaners for visors, goggles, glasses, windscreens etc. Both products have a simple application process that once the coating is cured (only takes about 10 minutes) it can be gently buffed and doesn’t affect optical qualities.”



The 1 litre trigger spray is £11.99.  This can be refilled using the 5 litre refill (£39.00).

The new Clear MyVision anti-fog coating is £6.00 for 50ml and the Clear MyVision rain repellent coating is £6.00 for 50ml. The company also makes a range of products for the cycling and karting markets.


Clean MyRide is currently warehoused in Mitcham, Surrey (CR4 4NB), but their products can be purchased at shows and motor events, via the company’s website or at a growing number of retailers that will be listed on their website soon.

TESTED: Clean My Ride – Bikewash and Degreaser

I chose a challenging test subject: My Wife’s Honda Shadow.  A mix of metal, plastics and chrome, plus she had been working at the Cheltenham Festival all week so it was liberally coated in all sorts of detritus!

As per instructions, I soaked the bike in cold water, set the nozzle to ‘Spray’ and applied. The “Nuclear Green” dye lived up to it’s reputation!  It stands out  so clearly – you can easily see if you’ve missed a bit. The instructions say leave for up to 5 minutes.  This was meant to be a tough test, so I set to work after 3.

Using a mix of soft cloths and cleaning gloves, I gave it a going over.  The dirt cleaned off easily.  After rinsing, I let the bike dry and then buffed with a clean cloth. All surfaces came up nicely and the chrome was gleaming.

I’ve seen a review claim “I sprayed it on, let it sit for a minute and just hosed my bike down.” That’s not my finding.  A spot of effort is required, especially to bring the chrome to a shine.  But given it took just over 15 minutes from first wipe to rinsing the bike – using COLD water – plus a few minutes for the final buffing, the results were very impressive.







Website: www.clean-myride.com

Phone: +44 (0)203 946 44 44

Email: sales@clean-myride.com


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