Curt Langan has just completed a 5000-mile circumnavigation of the UK in 21 days, riding an electric Zero S motorcycle. Is this the proof we’ve been waiting for that you can cover big miles on an electric bike?

Curt and his Electric Zero Motorcycle

Zero has made a big name for itself over the past few years. It’s earned a reputation as one of the best options for riders looking to make the switch to electric, without compromising on ride quality, performance and comfort. But for plenty of punters there’s still a question mark about practicality. Maybe there shouldn’t be though.


With a few factory accessories and practical modifications (including a USB charging socket and a gel seat pad), Curt Langan has circumnavigated the UK in just 21 days. Speaking about the trip, Langan said: “The charging infrastructure is definitely there. Chargers are in outof- the-way places but in most towns you have two or three places to charge and a few times I found brand new posts which had just been put in and weren’t even on the apps.

“I found the Tesco chargers, run by Pod Point, to be the best; they were easy to find, reliable and completely free to use. In my whole trip I only found one charger that was out of order and, even then, there was a working one right next to it.”

Curt added: “I rode mostly on B roads and unclassified roads. Typically I was getting between 120 and 130 miles between recharges, although one day I saw 160 miles in Cornwall; thanks to the battery regeneration I was able to get going down the hills.” The best thing about the trip… the cost. By taking advantage of free charging at supermarkets and at overnight stops, Curt spent a total of £18.69 on electric.

Mark Lancaster

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