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A leaked patent has given the world a glimpse of CFMOTO’s new modular electric motorcycle, which could become the basis for a whole range of models.

CFMOTO electric motorcycle

A more in-depth look at its 300GT-E Chinese police bike has revealed that CFMOTO’s been very clever about how it’s designed its electric machine. The structure underneath can be tweaked to suit virtually any type of bike.

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Basically, the batteries are stored in a central section that doubles as the bike’s main structure, and subframes can be bolted on to the front and rear to suit the final bike’s intended style. Clever, right? Harley-Davidson’s actually done something similar with its new LiveWire Arrow.

The central battery structure hasn’t been designed in-house. It’s been bought in from Blue Stone New Power, which does a load of clever battery-based stuff under the NUPO name. In this case it’s providing a 10.5kW electric motor which is capable of offering peak power of 16.5kW (22.5bhp) and ‘rated’ power of 10.5kW (14bhp). With a suggested top speed of 75mph and peak torque of 40lb-ft, it should be plenty punchy, despite its police bike proportions and 225kg weight.

It’ll be very interesting to see what electric bike comes next from CFMOTO, but there’s no doubt the 300GT-E looks like a great start..

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Current CFMOTO range can be seen here

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