Langen’s electric future



Langen Technology has just announced that it’s developing a new modular battery system.


You’ll likely have never heard of Langen Technology before, but the name probably sounds familiar. That’s because it’s a spin-off from the guys at Langen Motorcycles, which recently released a limited run two-stroke cafe racer that’s built and designed in the UK.

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Despite the two-stroke special seeming to take priority, the guys at Langen have actually been developing the technology for the past three years – and have even had a running prototype on the go for around a year.

The battery technology they’re developing is a novel idea. Essentially it features a series of modular honeycomb-shaped batteries which are added or removed depending on whether you want more range or a lighter bike.

Getting into specifics, the 10kg PowerPOD is a 1.7KwH battery which Langen reckons has a 20–30-mile range on its own. That means if you stack them up, you’ll be able to increase the range incrementally. And if you need to top up, you can just pull one of them out and replace (or charge) it.

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We think it’s a really interesting idea, and with Langen already running a working prototype based around a trail bike chassis, maybe it won’t be too long before we see this technology on a green lane.

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