Gina, 39, a nurse from Port Glasgow, Inverclyde has been riding for about three years. MoreBikes caught up with the busy Gina, to talk about bikes!

Gina Docherty for Ladies Who Ride

Gina and her partner, Kenny

What do you ride?


I ride an 02 plate, red and black Honda CBR 600F Sport!

How did you get into motorcycling?

I’d been a pillion since I was about 13. I don’t know exactly what got me into biking, but I suppose it’s just something you either have an interest in, or you don’t.


Gina on her CBR

Where do you like to ride, and who with?

I love to ride anywhere! Every road I know is a jolly, and every new road is an adventure!


My favourite place to ride is the North of Scotland. Those roads north are some of the best roads in the world (in my humble opinion). The landscape is phenomenal, the views are spectacular and the landscape is never the same twice.

My favourite road buddy is my partner, Kenny. We go everywhere together. Since passing my Mod tests, we’ve been to the Isle of Man, Durham twice and completed the NC500 together. We get ourselves out as often as work and children allow. It’s simply amazing having a partner who shares the same passion for biking. I also love riding out with friends who I’ve been lucky to meet through biking, and I’ve met some simply amazing people!

Gina's CBR for Ladies Who Ride

 Gina’s two-wheel bucket list

I’d love to tour Europe. Nowhere in particular, but France, Switzerland and Italy seem to be particularly beautiful.

I’d like to return to the Isle of Man to watch the TT again. I’ve been to see the classic TT and due to weather, was lucky enough to see the Manx GP while there too.

Then, there’s always USA’s Route 66! What an amazing experience that would be! Oh! And a wheelie, I’d love to learn how to wheelie a bike. I think my two kids would love to be able to tell their pals that their mum can wheelie!

Gina's CBR for Ladies Who Ride

What else makes Gina tick?

Well, since I was 7 years old, I’ve always had the bug for excitement. I was a typical tomboy when I was growing up, climbing trees, breaking bones and generally just not interested in wearing dresses and listening to boy bands.

I started riding horses and have been since I was young. In recent years, not so much due to having children and change in time / financial priorities, but it’s something I’ve been passionate about for a long time. It’s actually very similar to biking, that sense of freedom, being a part of your surroundings and exhilaration. The only difference is, with horse riding you’ve got to remember that what you’re sitting on has a mind and manner of its own and they don’t always go or do what you ask them to. Maybe one day, I’ll add just another one horse power to my family.

I also love camping and live music, which is really handy when it comes to bike rallies! There’s something really special about packing all of your camping gear (I say all, but there’s a limit to capacity in those panniers!) and getting on the road knowing you have to take your chances with the weather and terrain when you get to where you’re going.

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