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It was great to catch up recently with single Mum Siobhan, 32, a prestige car valeter from Glasgow! Here’s what Siobhan had to tell us about her biking life…

Siobhan McNeill for Ladies Who Ride

What do you ride and how long have you been riding?

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I ride a gorgeous Yamaha Fazer 1000 and I’ve been riding for seven years!

Siobhan's bike scenic shot

What go you into motorcycling?

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Iv’e loved bikes, Cars and trucks since I was a kid. When I separated from my daughter’s dad after 8 years together, I lost a lot of weight, gained a lot of confidence and decided I was doing something I always wanted to do. I got my CBT and eleven months and 6000 125cc miles later I sat my Mod1. I got back to the training centre and the instructor said ‘there’s a mod 2 cancellation if you want it for today, I think you could do it’. It was a no brainer – I left myself skint for the month and I took the Mod2 test and luckily I passed!! I was over the moon.

Siobhan's bike scenic shot with lake

Where do you like to ride, and who with?

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I love riding to the north of Scotland, it’s my absolute favourite place to be. Specifically Glencoe. I’ve always had a sense of freedom when I go there, but on the bike it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been I still get this sense of happiness, calm and just, home.. Before I met my boyfriend most of my miles were solo. In the two and a bit years we’ve been together we’ve been to Ireland, the Lake District, Skye, many, many trips up North, Loch Lomond, Inveraray, Oban, Fort William but nowhere is off limits for us in all honesty.

For us it’s the further the better, we love camping weekends away on the bike. I also now take my 10-year-old daughter out on the back with me anywhere and everywhere we can. We love an adventure together. We’re really close and it means the world to me to share my love and passion with her, nothing compares to hearing her voice over the headset telling me she loves being on the bike, feeling her squeeze me tight cuddling me as she tells me I’m the best mummy!

Siobhan's Fazer 1000 and sea

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What’s on your two-wheel bucket list?

Siobhan has already ticked one off the bucket list – a motorcycle-themed tattoo!

There’s a whole world out there and as far as I’m concerned – it can all be seen on 2 wheels somehow or another! There’s a joke with one of my mates that it’s a good job there’s not a road to the moon because I’d be on it haha! As much as it’s a cliché I really love Scotland and I’d love to do the NC500 but for me that’s a possibility anytime, it’s close to home and isn’t difficult for me to do.

I think one of my ultimate motorbike dreams has to be to do the Stelvio pass, I mean what motorcyclist could resist the views and the twists and turns of that road? I’d like to go round Europe taking in the views and culture it has to offer, I always think 2 wheels gives you a completely different perspective. I want a map you can scratch off like a scratch card and I’d visit every single country in every continent. As far as I’m concerned the only limits on that are ones you put on yourself.

Siobhan's bike scenic shot with lake 2
Siobhan rates the motorcycling in Scotland!

What else do you get up to, when you’re not on two wheels, or polishing ones with four!

“I just love the outdoors, I like walking and camping. Travelling to new places and old. Can’t say no to a bit of go karting or a day at knockhill watching all sorts of Motorsport, I love ice skating too, my biggest love after biking has to be taking pictures!

Thank you Siobhan! We’ve asked her to review some of her motorcycle gear for us, so stay tuned! Now, if you’re a girl on two-wheels and would like to be featured, review kit etc, please drop us an email, here


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