Get kitted up: Bits and pieces

So that’s the main things covered. You now have your bike kit. But there are a couple of other bits and pieces that’ll make life so much more comfortable.



At town speeds, you won’t really need them, but once you get to 50mph and above for sustained periods, you’ll be surprised how much more relaxed and comfortable you feel with earplugs in.

Hearing damage on a motorcycle is gentle and gradual – but the immediate benefit of wearing earplugs is that the ride is so much more relaxing. You can ride faster and concentrate more easily.

There are loads of different kinds of plugs available and what suits me won’t suit you. So try a few types until you get one you like and then order a box from a workwear supplier. Buy in bulk and they work out around 10p a pair and if you keep them clean a pair should last you a week.


Heated kit

Some of it plugs into your bike, some of it has its own rechargeable battery, but heated kit is the best way to enjoy winter riding. A waistcoat is the best buy, followed by gloves (which are good, but some are less hardy), You can also get chaps and boot insoles, but they tend to be less effective (or too effective in the case of the insoles).

It’s not cheap and although the latest stuff is much more reliable than before, there can still be problems with wires and connections going duff. Keep your receipt.

Neck warmer

You’ll be amazed how much heat a person loses through their neck on a cold day. All those enormous blood vessels supplying the brain act like a radiator.


Some neck warmers are incredibly bulky and complex, but the best are simple, thin tubes that fit snugly inside your jacket, don’t chafe on a freshly shaven chin and double as an emergency beanie hat.

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